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Chua's circuit.

Leon Ong Chua designed his nonlinear circuit to ease the study of chaos.
Furthermore, his circuit showed that chaos is not only a mathematical
abstraction, but is indeed somehow embedded into the law of physics.
Full details of the equations and their implementation in Chua's paper.

Original Chua paper - Universal circuit for generating and studying chaos (1993) - PDF

The following schema implements the equations - altough with some adjustments.
(next we will replace the 10 mH inductance L1 by a condensator and a 2nd NIC)
It uses two diodes and one AOP build as a negative resistor.
Exploration of its many behaviours is simply made by varying the resistance R8.

Time series of XYZ outputs.

Parametric plot of Y vs X attractor's shape for R8 = 1,53 KΩ.

This FFT of the Y signal shows a maximum at 5 kHz.

Chaotic oscillators